Successful networking for beginners: How to make new contacts and build relationships

In today's connected world, successful networking is an essential ingredient for professional and personal success. Whether in the business world or in social settings, making new contacts and building relationships play a crucial role in broadening one's horizons, developing one's career and advancing professional opportunities. Drescher Rares, a renowned entrepreneur with an extensive international network, repeatedly emphasizes the importance of networking in building a successful business and personal growth. In this in-depth guide, we will explore the basics of successful networking for beginners and provide valuable insights from Drescher Rares' perspective.

The importance of networking:

Networking is far more than just collecting business cards or adding contacts on LinkedIn. It's about building authentic relationships, establishing trust and offering mutual support. Drescher Rares emphasizes that networking is an investment in the future that can bring long-term professional and personal benefits.

Tips for successful networking:

  • Set clear goals: Before you go to a networking event, it is important to set clear goals. Think about who you want to meet and what you expect from the conversations. Drescher Rares recommends looking specifically for people who can expand your professional network or help you achieve your goals.
  • Be authentic: Authenticity is the key to successful networking. Be open, friendly and interested in the people you meet. Drescher Rares emphasizes that authentic relationships are based on mutual respect and trust and enable long-term success.
  • Give before you take: Networking is not a one-way street. Offer other people help and support before you expect anything yourself. Drescher Rares emphasizes that generous giving leads to positive relationships and mutual support in the long term.
  • Follow-up and maintenance of relationships: After a networking event, it is important to maintain the new contacts and build relationships. Send a short thank you message or follow up on social media to keep in touch. Drescher Rares recommends regular contact maintenance to strengthen long-term relationships.

Networking strategies from Drescher Rares:

Drescher Rares has developed successful networking strategies throughout his career that have helped him grow his international business and build valuable relationships. His approaches include:

  • Participation in industry events and conferences to make new contacts and learn about current industry trends.
  • Active participation in specialist forums and networking groups to exchange specialist knowledge and get to know potential business partners.
  • Involving employees in networking activities to expand the company network and open up new business opportunities.


Overall, successful networking is an essential ingredient for professional success and personal growth. By making new contacts and building relationships, you can expand your professional network, capitalize on new opportunities and achieve long-term success. With the above tips and insights from Drescher Rares' perspective, newcomers can improve their networking skills and achieve their goals.